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Timing Belt Replacement

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When it comes to servicing your car or light truck, timing belt/cambelt replacement is without doubt one of the most important serviceable component of a vehicles engine. timing belt componentsNot only does the timing belt carry out an incredibly important task controlling the camshafts in the engine and keeping the engine running smoothly, but if left unattended and it breaks, it can be seriously costly.

It is important that you know the interval in which to change your timing belt/cambelt by reviewing the manufacturers’ recommendation to prevent a slipped or snapped timing belt. In most cases, if the timing belt breaks, it requires an engine replacement or engine re-build costing $2,000+. Sometimes it may equate to you "totaling" your car as the repair cost outweighs the value of the vehicle.

When comparing the cost of a timing belt replacement in comparison to repairing the engine damage that a broken timing belt can cause, the question of whether to change your timing belt speaks for itself. At Paradise Car Care in Ravenna Ohio, we recommend that you follow the recommended replacement interval, keeping in mind that the timing belt itself is made of perishable material, so if you have any doubts about the condition of the belt itself contact us at Paradise Car Care to check it out.

Replacing the timing belt can provide you with peace of mind for many years to come, until your vehicle reaches the next recommended interval change.


Timing Belt Video - the Forgotten Belt

This video illustrates the importance of finding out and following the manufacturers recommended replacement interval for the timing belt in your car or light truck. Along with recommendations to replace related components associated with the Timing Belt, such as the Water Pump, Idler Pulleys & Tensioner, while the Timing Belt is replaced. Contact Paradise Car Care in Ravenna OH., for our recommended Timing Belt, Timing Belt Kit, Water Pump Kit, and Timing Component Kits.


When to Replace Timing Belt?

Timing belts are difficult to inspect visually, and they don't show signs of stress or wear very easily. The best case scenario is to replace the timing belt according to your car or light trucks factory-recommended maintenance schedule.

Automobile manufacturers recommend replacing your timing belt somewhere around 100,000miles. Your car or light truck's owner’s manual will tell you what the recommendation interval for replacement is for your vehicle. You might also look up the timing belt replacement interval online (such as at: If you’re not sure, ask Paradise Car Care in Ravenna Ohio, and we’ll assist you on finding the info based on your vehicles year and engine type.


The expense and inconvenience a broken timing belt and the thousands of dollars in damage it might cause to your vehicle's engine, pales in comparison to the typical costs of the several hundred dollars it cost to replacing the timing belt BEFORE it breaks. Save money, have your vehicle's timing belt replaced at the recommended interval.


automotive belts timing belt

When is the right time to replace a timing belt?

According to NAPA, timing belts are considered wear items and should be checked according to the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. Most manufacturers suggest replacing the belt between 60,000 to 120,000 miles. Check your owner’s manual or ask a Paradise Car Care Mechanic about the specific schedule for your vehicle. A broken timing belt will stop your car…instantly. It can also result in costly engine damage and inconvenience.

Free-Running or Interference Engine?

An engine is either “interference” or “free-running” depending on its design. If the timing belt breaks in an interference engine, an open valve may be struck by a moving piston. This can result in serious damage and expensive repairs, and in some cases a new engine. A “free-running” engine design will not result in extensive engine damages should the timing belt fail. The motorist will still have to deal with the inconvenience of being stranded, towing expense, and the cost of timing belt replacement.

Tensioners and idlers are critical components that work hand in hand with the timing belt. They work together to keep the timing belt properly tensioned. The timing belt system uses idlers and/or pulleys to either change the direction of the belt or transmit power to a component such as a water pump or oil pump.

Why replace tensioners and idlers?
Worn tensioners or idler pulley bearings are the leading causes of timing belt failures. Like timing belts, tensioners and idlers wear out. They need to be replaced before they fail.

The right time to replace tensioners and idlers.
Tensioner and idler wear is difficult to detect. timing belt diagramMany tensioners that look okay may be at or near the end of their service life. In some cases, the newly installed timing belt may fail after a few thousand miles if the tensioner or idler is worn or loose.

Should timing belt driven water pumps be replaced?
You can save considerable expense by replacing your already high mileage water pump at the same time you have the timing belt replaced. In both cases the labor cost is a large part of the expense and the labor procedures are basically the same. Doing everything at the same time will result in big long term cost savings. Ask Paradise Car Care of Ravenna OH. to explain the components involved with your particular make and model.

Save money by asking for a timing system replacement.
When you replace your timing belt have your tensioner, idler and water pump changed at the same time because the additional cost is insignificant compared to the cost of accessing the timing belt. Your service technician can do it right the first time because he doesn’t have to re-do all the labor again to replace the tensioner, idler and water pump. Your new timing belt will be protected from damage caused by failure of these parts.


NAPA Hose and Belts



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